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Wednesday 22 September 2010

UK III-Vs boost

The UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, National Centre for III-V Technologies, based at the University of Sheffield’s Centre for Nanoscience and Technology in its Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering (, has received a renewal contract worth £10m over the next five years to support continued research in III-V semiconductor materials and devices by researchers throughout the UK ( Research in III-V semiconductors and devices has been undertaken at the University for 32 years. Current applied projects include studies of high efficiency solar cells via QuantaSol, a spin-out company from Imperial College and the University of Sheffield. The facility is also working on enhancing the production techniques for quantum cascade lasers for application in pollution and emissions monitoring.

Tuesday 21 September 2010

$500k genius

Congratulations to Michal Lipson ( for being awarded one of the 2010 MacArthur Fellows for her work on photonic circuits. The Cornell associate professor of electrical and computer engineering receives not only the honour of the so called "genius award" but in addition a mere $500,000 in no-strings-attached support over the next five years.

Monday 20 September 2010

Take a snapshot without your phone!

The Surface Analysis eNewsletter from Thermo Fisher Scientific provides timely, relevant information about new products and applications in surface analysis techniques. The newsletter also includes information on web seminars, articles, application note downloads, interviews with experts and the latest in Surface Analysys Technology.

Saturday 18 September 2010

Telephone numbers

Recently ABI Research ( commented that more than 321 million mobile handsets were shipped in Q2 -2100. The company noted the rise in market share for LG and Nokia's continued decline. Interesting stuff, but the Editor was amazed by the numbers. This represents an annual output of over 1,000 million (one billion) handsets. The world population is about 7,000 million (seven billion). Generally accepted figures indicate that about 80% of the world's population (about 5 billion people) live on less than $10 a day so the handsets are not distributed uniformly through the population. Recent figures ( give a total of 4.6 billion mobile subscriptions by the end of 2009. Like most people I do talk to myself from time to time but are people now doing it by mobile?

Friday 17 September 2010

Any colour - so long as not white?

It seems that Henry Ford knew something that Steve Jobs might benefit from. The story from Reuters ( is intriguing. Apparently making a white iPhone has "continued to be more challenging to manufacture that we originally expected." According to several websites the company involved in manufacturing glass for the iPhone’s signature shell is still working out the perfect combination of paint thickness and opacity to achieve Apple’s trademark absolute whiteness. For geeks see: For pragmatists see:

Thursday 16 September 2010

Got the blues

A recent research report by Displaybank ( forecasts the doubling in worldwide blue LED capacity in about 18 months. They estimate the number of installed MOCVD systems needed to make blue LEDs will rise to 2,000 by the first quarter of 2011 and nearly 2,500 by the end of 2011. The demand being driven by a range of applications including lighting mobile devices, cars, LCD backlights and large electronic signs. These figures contrast with the 1,000 MOCVD systems installed worldwide in June 2009 and 500 in April 2008. To illustrate the projected growth, Displaybank's report notes that Seoul Optodevice Co., Ltd. will go from using less than 20 MOCVD machines in 2009 to about 80 in 2011. Additionally, as reported in Semiconductor Today ( more than 300 MOCVD systems were installed in the second quarter of 2010. Quoting from the IMS Research ( Quarterly GaN LED Supply Report, Semiconductor Today notes that in excess of 4,000 MOCVD systems are expected to ship in the 2010 to 2013 timeframe.

Wednesday 15 September 2010

RTA Instruments covers all the angles at the University of Southampton

The School of Electronics and Computer Science has completed the purchase of a Theta Probe XPS system, from our partner Thermo Fisher Scientific. Patented Theta Probe technology provides the unique ability to collect angle-resolved XPS spectra over a 60° angular range, in parallel, without tilting the sample and allows the instrument to characterize ultra-thin films non-destructively (more on Theta Probe). The system will be installed in the Nanofabrication Centre ( later this year.