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Tuesday 31 July 2012

UKSAF Student Travel Awards - The UK Surface Analysis Forum (UKSAF) has available a number of student travel awards.

Each award will provide a contribution towards the expenses of a student presenting their work at an international conference. Awards of £250 are available for international conferences in the UK or EU and £1000 for other locations. UKSAF have allocated £2000 for travel awards and, in the case that applications exceed this allocation, awards will be made to those applications deemed by the UKSAF committee to have the most relevance to surface analysis, the highest quality of contribution and the most prestigious conference. Applicants must be a registered student (full or part-time) and be a UKSAF member i.e. have attended at least one UKSAF Meeting within the last three years. The applicant must also have had an abstract accepted for presentation (oral or poster) at the conference, and this work must include the use of surface analysis techniques. If the student is currently studying at a university outside the UK or Ireland, the work to be presented must have been carried out in, and have a co-author from, a British or Irish university or company.
To apply, please send details (name & copy of abstract) including proof of abstract acceptance, or details of the decision date to: alex.shard at The deadline for all applications is 13th August 2012.

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