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Wednesday 6 April 2011

Winner - EMBE 2011 BandiT competition

We are delighted to announce that the winner of our very successful BandiT competition is Miryam Elouneg-Jamroz from the Nanophysics and Semiconductors Group in Genoble. This is a joint group between the Institut NĂ©el – CNRS / University J. Fourier, and the Institute for Nanoscience and Cryogenics of the CEA-Grenoble. The prize of €100 Amazon vouchers is on its way to her.

Surprisingly, nobody had the correct answer to the question "Why is the product called BandiT?". The answer is "Band-edge inferred Temperature". Miryam's answer was very creative, "fit a 'Band' through 'iT'" as was one of our users from ETH Zurich - "Band-edge intelligent Temperature measurement" - they know their BandiTs at ETH and have 3 systems!

We had a strong interest from both existing users and non-users ... and yes, there are some MBE scientists who don't yet measure their substrate temperature using BandiT, using all the benefits that it provides.

Thanks for your interest and we will run more competitions in the future - as one of the entrants (a senior Professor) commented "What an excellent ploy to get potential customers to research your product. Congratulations on a great product and an excellent sales strategy".

If you were not at EMBE but would like to have a go at answering the questions, these can be found here.

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